Discover the museum

Discover the museum

We want to give a complete picture of the city of The Hague as it was, is and can be.

The Hague Historical Museum: not only the place where the history of The Hague comes to life, but also literally a historical place. In the building where the archers of the St. Sebastian's Guild once gathered, you now find the treasures of the city's history. Extraordinary paintings and admirable objects tell the story of The Hague. In addition to the permanent presentations, we always have temporary exhibitions on themes from the city.

All current exhibitions at a glance

All sides highlighted

Hague, but is not a history lesson. Instead, our goal is to tell a complete story. This includes highlighting all sides and letting all parties have their say. In the museum you will learn, for example, about the Golden Age from a Dutch perspective, but also from the point of view of the people for whom this century was not made of gold.

We want to encourage reflection. Start the discussion in an open and neutral way. We do not avoid subjects such as emancipation and feminism, but also current social discussions. We want to give a complete picture of the city of The Hague as it was, is and can be.  

From great masters to miniature art

In the Hague Historical Museum you will find treasures from the history of The Hague. Works by great masters. Looking back to the Oranges in the city. And a flight to the Golden Age. But you can also admire the smaller works in the Historical Museum of The Hague. Fantasize about the doll's houses and dream away in this miniature world. Get an impression of our collection and prepare yourself for a journey through the history of The Hague.

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Museum for the whole family

Lessons about the history of The Hague are for young and old. To inspire and interest your children as well, we bring history to life. We offer various treasure hunts, activities and interactive games for children. So the whole family will have hours of fun in the Hague Historical Museum.