Temporary exhibitions

Desire for Freedom and Peace
Eyewitnesses of 1940 – 1945

18 July 2020 - 17 January 2021

Queen Wilhelmina, George Maduro, Anton Mussert and Erik Hazelhoff Roelfsema have become known for the role they played in the Second World War. In the exhibition Desire for Freedom and Peace, less well-known eye witnesses of the war also speak. Like the Jewish girl Edith van Hessen, who kept a diary just like Anne Frank. And Reinder Zwolsman, active in the black trade but also in the resistance.

What does war do to people? This question is central to the exhibition. Eyewitnesses talk about the frightening May days of 1940, the German administration, the raids, the persecution of the Jews, the Atlantic Wall, the bombing and the Hunger Winter. How were these people doing and what can we learn from them? These unique stories - with photos, film and objects - make the exhibition an impressive experience.

A special part is the donation that the museum recently received: the uniform of George Maduro. This uniform is included in the Canon of the Netherlands.