Temporary exhibitions

Treasures from the depot

12 March - 14 November 2021

The Historical Museum of The Hague is home to objects from eight centuries of the city’s history, ranging from paintings by Dutch Masters from The Hague to everyday objects from days gone by. It is impossible to display all of the thousands of objects in the collection. Many objects have been in storage for years. It may be because they are slightly strange or out of fashion. Or because the right subject never came up. Often, there was no obvious reason for displaying them in the museum. It’s a shame, because the museum owns all kinds of treasures. Now, the museum is opening the doors of the depot for the first time and asking the public: which object belongs in the museum?


Corona Collection The Hague

3 December 2020 - 1 August 2021

When the coronavirus strikes the Netherlands in March of 2020, The Hague changes: supermarket shelves and streets are empty, museums, theatres, gyms and restaurants close their doors. Public life comes to a halt; The Hague is in lockdown.

To record this exceptional experience and its impact on the city for future generations, The Historical Museum of The Hague started the Corona Collection (page is in Dutch). With assistance from hundreds of city residents, volunteers and photographers, a large number of objects, diaries and photos were collected.

In this presentation, you will see the consequences of the first lockdown and the impact of this time on the city and its residents. The objects, photos, videos and diaries show the uncertainty, fear and sadness, but also the togetherness, creativity and (at times dark) humour that accompanied this experience.

In addition to the personal submissions and diaries of city residents, a selection of photos taken by documentary photographer Sandra Uittenbogaart are also exhibited. This series of photos is the result of a collaboration between The Hague Municipal Archives and The Historical Museum of The Hague. The complete series is also be viewed via the digital data base of The Hague Municipal Archives.

A special feature is the ‘In times of corona’ photo project by Johan Nieuwenhuize, which links photos by the artist with other recent corona-related photos.

The presentation Corona Collection,The Hague in lockdown is produced in collaboration with The Hague Municipal Archives and Stroom Den Haag.