Class in power

Class in power

The eight-hundred-year-old Binnenhof is the center of power in the Netherlands. In this interactive museum lesson, the pupils discover everything about the workings of power and the impact of the Binnenhof on the city of The Hague.

800 years ago, the Count of Holland built the beginning of the Binnenhof. Since then, this mighty place has had a great influence on the city of The Hague and the people who live and work there. In this museum lesson, the pupils explore how they can exert influence themselves. In this way they learn everything about power, democracy and the history of the Binnenhof.

Practical information

  • Suitable for: class 1 to 6
  • Costs: € 4 per pupil*
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Bookings: or +31 70 312 30 65
  • *Please note: new prices will apply from 1 August 2023 (€ 80 per group of a maximum of 15 pupils)

Consistent with

  • History
  • Social studies