Disaster Year

Disaster Year

  • When Jul 02, 2022 to Nov 13, 2022 (Europe/Amsterdam / UTC200)
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An enemy invasion, panic everywhere, a gruesome massacre. The year 1672 was a disaster year for the Netherlands. How do we view these events 350 years later?

The 'disaster year' is still regarded as a trauma in Dutch history, a year in which everything changed. Does that also apply to other catastrophic years, such as 2020 - the year a virus attacked and paralyzed society? After the shock and solidarity, division and polemic quickly arose. And the next disaster is already upon us!

In 1672, the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands stands on the brink of collapse. The country is under attack by France, England and two German states. Emotions run high, conspiracy theories and fake news are in great demand, scapegoats are quickly found.

Do you want to experience the Disaster Year from day to day? Then follow @johandewitt1672, his fans and his enemies on Twitter

The Hague Historical Museum presents an exhibition about this Disaster Year. Leading characters and events are reviewed, with the bitter low point being the murder of the De Witt brothers. Is 1672 a unique year, or do we still react the same to disaster? In the exhibition, a comparison is made with crisis year 2020, the year in which corona emerged. A comparison that yields remarkable parallels to say the least. And what does this say about how we deal with future disasters and crises?

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