Museum Quarter

Museum Quarter

Are you visiting the Hague Historical Museum? We have tips to make your stay in this city even more enjoyable.

Dive into the history. Meet the old masters. Be amazed and surprised. And see the political heart of the Netherlands like you've never seen it before. Combine your visit to us with another museum in The Hague. Highly recommended.

To see and do in The Hague

The Hague is rich in history, art and beautiful treasures. It’s not for nothing that the Museum Quarter is located around the historic Hofvijver and the stately Lange Voorhout. Old classics, well-known masters and young talents come together in the museums and theaters in this part of the city. Discover Rembrandt and Vermeer in the Mauritshuis, be amazed by Escher's optical illusions in the Palace and get to know new talent in the Koninklijke Schouwburg and the Diligentia theater. Visit the Monastery Church on the Lange Voorhout. And don't forget to visit the Binnenhof: the political heart of the Netherlands.

Prison Gate Museum - Gevangenpoort

On the other side of the Hofvijver is Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort. Dive into the exciting history of 15th century crime and punishment. The Gevangenpoort was once used as the state prison of Holland. Heretics, political prisoners and criminals were imprisoned there. Do you dare to visit?

In Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort you step back in time.


Museum Bredius

From history to art treasures. Museum Bredius is less than a minute's walking distance from the Haags Historisch Museum. This 18th century mansion is a beautiful sight in its own right. Inside, admire the private collection of art historian Abraham Bredius. A collection of old masters from the Golden Age.

Museum Bredius is a hidden gem at the Hofvijver.